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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Knowing that Valentine’s Day was upon us, I asked our team to think about events that they have loved. Being the “newbie” on the team, and a relative newcomer to the event planning world, I expected to hear responses citing grandiose events, oozing with wow factor, where no detail was missed. To my surprise and delight, the stories that were shared nearly all mentioned charity events or events focused around giving back; big on emotion, with an excess of warm-fuzzies. One story in particular, recounted by our owner Kristin, had all of our waterworks flowing, begging to be shared on this day dedicated to love.

“A main focus of what we do here at Cheers! Events is team building events. Sometimes these take the form of a lively boat building competition, where one team member almost certainly ends up soaking wet. Other times we’re organizing a zany scavenger hunt through the streets of our favorite local towns. But sometimes the team building also serves as a give back to the community. And in this case, our client chose to build bikes for kids at the Boys & Girls Club.

This in and of itself is moving. You have this team of fairly fortunate individuals, coming
together to help children in our local community. You could leave it right there and it would be significant. But what happened to John* is something that I will never forget.
This particular bike building was even more memorable than usual. The children that were receiving the bikes were from incredibly difficult situations, yet despite all that they had to overcome, had still managed to get straight As. The Boys & Girls Club wanted to recognize this tremendous accomplishment with a meaningful reward, in hopes of encouraging them to stay on the right path. We arranged for a special lunch with the straight-A kids and bike builders, who were all top executives at the company. The kids & their buddies chatted their lunchtime away, before parting ways when the wrenches & wrists got to work. The executives made quick work of the bike building, likely fueled by the friendships that they had just made during lunch.
Typically with bike builds, the builders do not get to see the actual bike presentation. But in this case, and without the team knowing, we arranged for the presentation to happen that day. A little boy named Alex* enjoyed his lunch so much with John, that he was moved to write a letter to him. He had given it to his Boys & Girls Club leader, who in turn passed it onto me. When our unsuspecting team gathered later that day, I was able to present John with the letter from Alex, his 7-year old lunch buddy. He read it aloud, barely able to get through the words. I don’t have a copy of the letter, but it was something like this: Dear Mr. John, Thank you for coming to have lunch with me. You are my best friend. I am so excited to open a restaurant with you one day. Thank you.
Your best friend, Alex

Needless to say, John was overcome with emotion and there wasn’t a dry eye on an adult in the room. And watching the joy on those little faces as they rode their new bikes for the first time is seared into my memory. It is a moment in my career, and for that matter in my life, that I will never forget. It takes so little to make an impact that will last a lifetime. I have carried this with me since, and I am so grateful for the reminder of how lucky I am to have a hand in creating
memories like these.”
*not real name

By: Katie Hale



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3 Daughters Brewery

Helping to Create a one of a kind Venue

By: Ronnie Lee / Cheers Events

One of the most popular themes this year seems to be using unusual venues for events. So when we were asked to help transform the already outstanding 3 Daughters Brewery for a corporate event, we jumped and the opportunity. Sticking with the teal, metal and wooden elements of the venue, we brought in burlap for the cocktail tables surrounded with metal chairs, and teal runners to accent. Mason jar centerpieces were a small, playful touch. LED up lights slowly scrolled between teal and aqua to illuminate the huge silver canisters that the Brewery’s beers are made in, Foliage was brought in to bring the corners in and hide items that needed to disappear, such as work areas and mopping stations. To top it all off, burlap skirting touched up the stage and white drape with metal accents provided a stage backdrop. The trick is to highlight what is already there and create ambiance, but keep in mind that even though the event is in a brewery, it’s  still a corporate event.

Over 150 people arrived hungry, but that was no task for Urban Brews and BBQ. The menu they provided seemed to fit perfectly with the look and feel of 3 Daughters. If that wasn’t enough, two food trucks waited outside with more seating, picnic tables and games of Corn Toss and over sized Jenga!

Our client’s main concern was the heat, as the back of the brewery is not air conditioned. Misting fans were brought in and created a cool, breezy afternoon. Both roll up doors were opened also, allowing a natural breeze to lightly barrel through.

So next time your in the market for an original venue, take a peek at 3 Daughter’s. Oh, did I mention that they have pretty good beer! So if you haven’t been there, get on over  and enjoy everything they have to offer!

3 daughters lighting  3 daughters linens tables  band 3 daughters

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NACE Team Building at the Post Card Inn

NACE wedding team building

NACE Wedding Team Building

A Wedding to Remember…

By: Danielle Tieman, Event Manager at Cheers! Events

Our team at Cheers! Events had the pleasure of teaming up with the Post Card Inn to host the most recent NACE event. We decided to create something completely fresh and out of the box for these industry professionals, so we thought… let’s create a full fake wedding!

All of the NACE members who attended were split up into teams and each team was responsible for a different piece of the wedding such as the bride’s wedding dress and creating gorgeous centerpieces. These industry professionals had to put their everyday skills to the test and set, create and execute the wedding in 40 minutes!

This event could not have been as fun and successful without some of our fabulous vendors. The venue and catering were generously provided by Gina and her staff at the Post Card Inn. MaryIsabel from Isabel O’Neil Bridal Collection donated gorgeous wedding dresses to use as inspiration. Alicia from A + P Designs donated super cute programs which help us split each NACE member into teams. Shannon from Connie Duglin generously donated all of the linens for the dining tables as well as the linen options for each team.  James King from Grant Hemond, as always, brought the party with his music. Alla from Cake Zone donated a beautiful example cake and all the tools for the baking team to recreate her wedding cake. And let’s not forget the Bride Joanie Adams and the Groom Ian Prosser!

Everyone truly had a blast at this team building. Cheers! Events as well as myself are blessed to be able to host a NACE event and definitely look forward to the next one!