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Cheers lights up the Brew Ha Ha

By Ronnie Lee / Co-Owner / Cheers Events

One of the best fundraisers of the year happens every October at the Farley Estate in South St. Petersburg. The annual Brew Ha Ha is one of those parties that you just don’t want to miss! Cheers Events was brought in to supply the lighting, special effects and decor, transforming the sprawling estate into a spooky oasis of grave stones, fog, spider webs and illuminated bars!

The 3 day set up started with the task of decorating the inside of the house. Cheers Event Planner Karen Crockenburg and her team first created a walk through spiders den in the lobby. Using professional grade black lights, the spiders den webbing really did pop as the guests walked in. One of the tricks of making webbing look good and authentic is just taking your time. It’s really something that can’t be rushed, or else it ends up looking like decorations that you would remember from your grade school cafeteria. Karen also transformed the dinning room using lush fabric, candelabra’s, and two “very late for the party” dinner guest skeletons. Two fortune taller rooms were completed also. The attention to details is also something that just can’t be overlooked, something that Karen takes great pride in and it shows!

In the front and back yards, fog machines, fire effect lighting , leko projections and scoop area lights were used to help bring alive the mansion. One thing to remember is that no matter how good your decor looks in the day time, if it’s not lit, then it’s not there. Fog not only creates that horror movie look, but the lighting beams are now picked up and seen giving another eerie visual. Up lighting for the existing trees highlighted the hanging moss and created multiple layers of shadows.

In the back grave yard, we provided a thunder and lighting effect with strobe lights, wireless color changing LED lighting and a sound system to create a thunder crack every so often. Watching the guests jump did put a smile on my face! Rounding out the set up was a custom lite up bar with vinyl branding for the event and food vendor LED lighting.

So next year, mark you calendar and put on your best costume because this is one scream fest that you don’t want to miss!

brew haha spider gobo brew haha graveyard3

brew haha spiders brew haha fountain car