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Upcycled and Recycled

artpoolLet me start by saying that I couldn’t make this year’s show. To make a long story short, I had a freak lawn mower accident that projected a copper tube through my ankle. But this blog isn’t about that. It’s about the 9th Annual Avant Garde Runnway Event call TRASHION FASHION. Featuring Tampa Bay’s top designers creating looks from recycled & unorthodox materials, this is one of Tampa Bay’s most unique and inspiring shows of the year. But as I was at home nursing my bruised and battered pride, I was really missing everything that Trashion Fashion has to offer.

Marina Williams puts on a good show. Last year I remember how comfortable she looked on the stage as compared to years past. I believe she ended last year with a somersault. That’s confidence if I have ever seen it. Marina is the brain behind the show and the owner of ARTpool, the funky venue of the night. Designers created looks made of at least 75% recycled and upcycled materials including hats, props, shoes, and accessories. She is quite the host.

For the last few years, Cheers Events has helped by providing the lighted runway and lighting.  Hey, if it’s not lit then it’s not there! That’s what I say. I’m just glad to help and be part of the action, even if it’s from my computer with my foot elevated. Till next year Marina!

by Ronnie Lee

Co Owner/ Cheers Events Inc.

P.s. Mark your calendar for next year’s show many others. Take a look at what’s coming up on the Facebook page ARTpool Gallery!

Photo credit by HIBS Media and iHeart Images , Mermaidista Designs by Sati