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Think outside the Booth!


Think outside the Booth!
By: Ronnie Lee / Cheers Events

Everyone loves Photo Booths. You know you do. How many weddings have you been to and enjoyed the fun that that little box creates? Even corporate events have them, complete with dress up additions such as boas, over sized sun glasses and novelty hats. They are fun and can get crazy since guests feel they are in a private area for a bit (they do forget that the client is getting a disk of all the pictures after the event though).

But what if you could turn your event into the Photo booth? Instead of waiting in line for your group to have a picture opportunity, you find a backdrop and take a group shot any where in the room. Then you move on to the bar and find a some of your friends and take a picture of them. What if every picture you took automatically was sent over to a secure website, that hosted a custom branded slide show. What if every guest could do the same thing? And all those pictures were instantly being streamed to the slide show that was being projected live at the event. Oh, and your video’s were also added to the mix!

That’s exactly what Cheers Events and WeVue are doing at the upcoming Art Pool Trashion Fashion show on this July, 19th. After downloading the event app WeVue, ¬†guests can use their Iphones to preserve the moment live and have their pics be the center of attention for a second or two, until the next pic comes in from another guest. And if you don’t want your pics publicly shown, then just take a picture the usual way, without going through the app.

So come on out next Saturday and see all of the sights, sounds and friends of one of the most memorable events of the year! Hope to see you there.

If you are interested in having an “Out of the booth” experience at your next event, please contact us below.